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Wednesday, January 16 2013

About seven years ago my husband had a great idea, or so he thought. “You should write a syndicated advice column, kind of like Dear Abby. You have knowledge about so many topics, and you have a really great perspective on life.”

While I was touched by his confidence in me, I didn’t have the heart to tell him (although I probably tried), that securing a syndicated advice column is not that easy. Besides, my worldview was so narrow that I made conservative, controversial advice columnist Dr. Laura Schlessinger seem mainstream. Who would be interested?

He persisted. “Life with Hope,” he said it would be called. Somehow he figured that because I wrote a few books, had a long and winding faith journey, had a background in finance, taxation, real estate and a smattering of other vocations (including mom and homemaker) that I would be qualified. Oh, and I had the time for this?

Fast forward to last week.

After a fluky set of circumstances, I was asked by the owner of Messianic LAMB Radio to host a weekly show on the topic of my choosing.

“Sure,” I thought to myself. “The person who cried when she was told she had to take public speaking in order to graduate college. The woman who has written out—word-for-word—every speaking engagement she has ever had. She is going to have a radio show?”

Then I heard it. The radio station’s tagline: “Promoting a lifestyle with Hope."

Oh boy. My faith walk didn’t have many burning bushes; more often it had moments like this. Encouraged (pushed) by my husband, I reluctantly agreed to do it, and of course, the name is “Life with Hope.” While it's not a call-in advice show, I hope you find it edifying in some way.

I wanted to add (and Friends) because, in addition to wisdom that I’ve received over the years from friends, I’m excited to interview a variety of friends with fascinating stories and information. I also hope to meet new friends through callers and Facebook.

If you’re interested in joining the journey, stop by at 9:00 p.m. CST on Saturday or visit my Life with Hope Facebook for up-to-date details. See you there!

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