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Biblical Eating
Monday, September 24 2012

God has wisdom for every subject imaginable: dating, marriage, sex, money, servant leadership. This makes me wonder: why did God designate some animals clean and others unclean? Did He just flip a coin? Are the Leviticus 11 commands arbitrary? Or have we overlooked some kind of hidden wisdom in the dietary laws?

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Monday, September 24 2012

There are many ways to think about God and food. If you are new on this journey--or even if you're not--consider Dr. Russell’s Three Principles (outlined in What the Bible Says about Healthy Living) for a simple starting point:

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Wednesday, September 19 2012
I think about food a lot. And I think about God a lot. Both topics take up a lot of real estate in my head. Where they intersect fascinates me, so I’ll share my thoughts with you here, in my Ruminations Blog.
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