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Biblical Eating
Tuesday, January 01 2013
I asked Pastor Bill Beyer to write a guest blog on exercise, since he recently adopted a new fitness focus similar to my 7 Reasons to Quit Your Gym. CrossFit is a whole body workout that requires little to no fitness equipment. I like their philosophy that “Fitness is the ability to do real work,” which is why I pair exercise with faith. The best exercise for each of us is that which best equips us for the tasks God has set forth for us. I hope you find his story as inspiring as I do!
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Thursday, December 13 2012
My last blog post gave 7 reasons to quit the gym in 2013. Whether you quit your gym or join one; whether you love your gym or hate it, the most important thing is to figure out what you want from your workouts.
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Tuesday, December 04 2012
This time of year many folks are thinking about joining a gym. After being dependent on a health club for nearly 30 years to stay fit, I am finally gym free, exercising at home and healthier than I have ever been. Here are seven good reasons for you to quit your fitness center (or not join one).
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