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Thursday, July 25 2013

Is wheat our friend or foe? A diet aid or mealtime nemesis? A blessing from above or a curse from below? Is all wheat the same? Join me as I interview Sue Becker of the Bread Beckers on this controversial topic. You'll be surprised as Sue exposes major flaws in the Wheat Belly book, debunks the myth that wheat makes you fat, and explains the difference between hybridization and genetic modification. Leaning on both science and Scripture, this crucial teaching is for anyone interested in wheat-free diets, gluten-free diets, the Wheat Belly book, or wheat in general.

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Sunday, February 03 2013

Dr. Rex Russell’s What the Bible Says about Healthy Living inspired Nicole Ayers to lose 40 pounds and write a companion study guide that she now wants to bless you with. Read how this mom of 3 is also getting ready to run her first ultramarathon (50k) to heal, help bless others who have lost a loved one, and raise money for abused and neglected children.

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Saturday, January 05 2013
I so enjoy eating “biblically” that I spent years in pursuit of “biblical” cosmetics--mostly without success. Then I discovered a book that changed everything: Beauty Secrets of the Bible by Ginger Garrett (Thomas Nelson). I was thrilled to learn easy, effective ways of using God’s inexpensive, natural ingredients that were (mostly) already in my pantry. Here are a few of my favorite ideas from Ginger, as well as other sources around the web.
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Wednesday, November 28 2012
If you “make New Year’s Resolutions,” “set goals” or simply “look for a fresh start” for the New Year, you are probably like millions who recommit to healthy eating on January 1. Sadly for believers looking for help with this, they won’t get much help from the pulpit. To fill this void, here are six Bible verses to ponder to help you jump start your eating habits in 2013.
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Monday, September 24 2012

God has wisdom for every subject imaginable: dating, marriage, sex, money, servant leadership. This makes me wonder: why did God designate some animals clean and others unclean? Did He just flip a coin? Are the Leviticus 11 commands arbitrary? Or have we overlooked some kind of hidden wisdom in the dietary laws?  

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Monday, September 24 2012

There are many ways to think about God and food. If you are new on this journey--or even if you're not--consider Dr. Russell’s Three Principles (outlined in What the Bible Says about Healthy Living) for a simple starting point:

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Wednesday, September 19 2012
I think about food a lot. And I think about God a lot. Both topics take up a lot of real estate in my head. Where they intersect fascinates me, so I’ll share my thoughts with you here, in my Ruminations Blog.
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