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Wednesday, September 19 2012
I think about food a lot. And I think about God a lot. Both topics take up a lot of real estate in my head. Where they intersect fascinates me, so I’ll share my thoughts with you here, in my Ruminations Blog. 

If you are looking for hard-core scholarly proof, scientific data and concrete answers, you will have to find it elsewhere. Holy Cow!  was my best effort in that regard, and even then I had someone else do the heavy theological lifting.That said, I will point you to a variety of scientific and biblical experts who can help you make good food and faith decisions for you and your family. Visit my Resources  page for some good places to start.

I will also try help you with life application: practical ways for putting thoughts into action. If you haven’t already, check out my cookbook  to hit the ground running. It provides help on how to set up your pantry, is filled with easy-to-follow recipes and teaches you the basics on biblical eating according to Dr. Rex Russell’s Three Principles.

Blessings on your food and faith journey, and I
 would love to hear from you along the way!

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