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In addition to Holy Cow! and What the Bible Says about Healthy Living Cookbook,
there are a myriad of biblical eating books available. Here are a few:

What The Bible Says about Healthy Living -  Rex Russell, MD One of the original, groundbreaking books on biblical eating. Based on three simple principles (and elaborated on in the book): Eat only the foods that God created; eat those foods as close as possible to the form God gave them; don't let any food or drink become an idol. This is a must-read for anyone interested in the topic.

The Maker's Diet - Jordan Rubin
Jordan Rubin's New York Times best-selling book expands on Dr. Russell's books and provides more specific ideas for living it out.

Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study - Annette Reeder
This much-needed book, inspired by Dr. Russell, provides a great starting point for group or personal Bible study about biblical eating.

Live Beyond Organic - Jordan Rubin
In his latest book, Rubin explains new facets of his faith and food journey as he outlines his newest passion: producing high-quality, beyond organic foods to help you change your diet, change your life and change the world.

What Would Jesus Eat? - Don Colbert, MD

With some overlap with Dr. Russell's book, Dr. Colbert explains the health benefits of foods Jesus ate and the health risks of foods He avoided.

They Shall Not Hurt or Destroy - Vasu Murti
Murti explores many Jewish and Christian writers and leaders who have promoted vegetarianism. Murti offers discussion and context that enrich the myriad quotations.

Judaism and Vegetarianism - Richard H. Schwartz
The writings of scholar Richard Schwartz, Ph.D are central for Jewish vegetarians' support for their lifestyle.

Why Christians Get Sick
The founder of Hallelujah Acres (a raw, vegan ministry) shares biblical and scientific research to find out why he, a Christian, got sick---and provides alternative treatments to the medical profession's unsuccessful ones

Made in Paradise
Made for Paradise reveals to us that, in the beginning, God created a paradise with everything we would need for perfect, healthy living: healthy eating, physical exercise, and rest.

Miracle Food Cures from the Bible
This books helps readers apply the healing power of many of the foods and herbs described in the Old and New Testaments to common ailments.

Food at the time of the Bible
In-depth, easy-to-read survey of every aspect of food in the Bible is accompanied by interesting illustrations and photographs. Learn not only what people ate and drank in Bible days, but how they raised their food, stored it, traded in it, and prepared it

Biblically Kosher
While Holy Cow! seeks to answer the question, “How do I discern what meats God has designed to be eaten?” Biblically Kosher seeks to answer the question, “What is the biblical basis for ‘traditional’ Jewish kosher laws, and how do those laws apply to believers in Jesus?

Full: Food, Jesus, and the Battle for Satisfaction
Can the Bible help me with my food struggles?
Have you ever felt stuck in a seeminly endless cycle of overeating, yo-yo dieting, and obsessive thoughts about food?  Join Asheritah Ciuciu as she shares honestly about her own battles with food and reveals the path to freedom.

The 40-Day Sugar Fast: Where Physical Detox Meets Spiritual Transformation
What would you be willing to give up to experience the presence of God in your life again?
Mandy of us sign up for a physical detox program, thinking that if our bodies are healthier, then we are healthier.  But the healhy body does not do us a lot of good if we are spiritually malnourished. 

Other Biblical Perspectives

At we focus on Dr. Rex Russell's Three Principles.

Here are some other perspectives to chew on and consider, each with its own nuggets of wisdom and practical help for application.

Hallelujah Diet - This is the original raw, vegetarian perspectives on biblical eating, based on Genesis 1:29.  They are a Christian organization dedicated to helping others discover they can live healthy, vibrant lives free from sickness and disease by simply changing their diet.

The Daniel Fast - There is also an excellent Daniel Fast book on the Designed Healthy Living Website.  

Jewish Vegetarian Society - The writings of scholar Richard Schwartz, Ph.D are central for Jewish vegetarians' support for their lifestyle.

Judeo-Christian - Although neither Jewish nor Christian, Vasu Murti has written extensively to biblically support vegetarianism in both Western religions.

Biblical Eating Bible Studies

What The Bible Says About Healty Living FREE STUDY GUIDE - Download this free companion to Dr. Rex Russell's book, What the Bible Says about Healthy Living.  Learn more about author Nicole Ayers and her passion to bless others HERE.

The Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study will guide you through Scripture to uncover for yourself. From Genesis to Revelation, discover the treasures of biblical health in this informative Bible study. 

Holy Cow! Does God Care about What We Eat - This walk through what the Bible says about eating meat contains questions for group or individual study at the end of each chapter. Also available in Spanish!

Local Resources for Richmond, VA

The Biblical Nutritionist - Helping you learn God's recipe for excellent health, this site will teach you foundational principles of nutrition, health, food freedom, the power of Biblically accurate beliefs and more. 

Designed Healthy Living - Biblical and Christian Nutrition Resources for churches and individuals, including cooking classes, courses, books, biblical nutrition academy and more.


Faith & Fitness Magazine - Great on-line magazine to help you build spiritual and physical strength.

Clean/Unclean Meats

What does the Bible teach about clean and unclean meats -  Many people have misconceptions about the biblical teaching on clean and unclean meats. What does Scripture really reveal on the subject of dietary food laws?

Other articles on this topic are posted on the Holy Cow by Hope Egan Facebook Page.

Other Resources

The Egan Team - Are you looking to buy or sell a home anywhere in the country? Biblical Eating Resources is sponsored by The Egan Team. If you or someone you know needs professional, consultative real estate help, contact us. We can help you locally, or by finding a high-quality Realtor® in your area.

Kids Cook Real Food  - Your kids get life skills, you get a break! Kids Cook Real Food is an online video eCourse helping kids of all ages be confident in the kitchen!

The Bread Beckers - Fabulous educational site and on-line store for discovering the God-given health benefits of freshly milled flour and baked goods. Great articles, how-to videos and co-op information for money saving ordering. View my Interview with Sue Becker on YouTube.

Designed Healthy Living - Annette Reeder is a tour guide to biblical health.  Using the Bible as her map she is leading people all around the country on a treaure hunt with the power of food to change lives.  Visit her website for her Bible study, DVD and books, and to book speaking engagements.

Back to Eden - This full-length documentary depits the story of one man's lifelong journey, walking with God and learning how to get back to the simple, productive methods of sustainable gardening that were given to man in the garden of Eden.  Watch free onliney or buy the DVD.

Gordon Tessler & The Genesis Diet - Another pioneer in the biblical eating world, Dr. Tessler's perspective is similar to Dr. Russell's Three Principles (emphasis on plant-based and clean animal-based foods).

The Raw Life with Paul Nison - After leaving his office job on Wall Street to return to a simpler, healthier life, raw vegan evangelist and Jewish believer Paul Nison has been helping learn about and live out a healthier way of life. 

Faith and Health Connection - Dale Fletcher teaches others how to apply Biblical principles and results of medical research to achieve improved health and wholeness through an integrated spirit, mind & body approach. 

The Lord's Table - Setting Captives Free - Great self study tool for a biblical approach to weight loss, great for people who struggle with food addiction and other eating issues. From their website: "You will find freeedom from the sin of gluttony, by learning to follow biblical and pracital ways, as you daily proceed through this course."

Healthy Families For God - Sara Jo Poff started HFFG to help people learn to honor God with their bodies by becoming healthy in body and spirit with God-given resources, so families can have the strength and health to do His work.  She offers personalized nutrition counseling services, a 30-Day No-Sugar Challenge, a 40-day Challenge to Real Food, local workshops, and other resources to help families do exactly that.

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